How to select or choose a jacuzzi

We find on the spa market (also called jacuzzi), a wide choice according to the desires, the budget and of course the space available at home. Portable spa, built-in or semi-built-in spa, swim spa, inflatable spa, etc.

You will also find spas with seating or reclining places. If you want to buy a 3-seater spa, find out about the type of comfort it offers. And if you want to invite friends to make this moment of relaxation more convivial, the purchase of a 5-seater spa may be considered.

Do you think having a spa in your home requires a lot of maintenance on top of the high purchase price of a spa for sale ? Note that the spa market is democratized and that there are now spas at all prices. On the other hand, if you want to put it outside, buying a cover for your spa will be necessary if you want to enjoy it all year round, whatever the weather. This should also be factored into your starting budget.

In terms of maintenance, having a spa in your home does not require more maintenance than having a swimming pool in your garden. The same rules must be observed: vigilance with regard to the quality of filtration, addition of disinfectant products such as chlorine and regular monitoring of the PH content. Having clean water is essential with a spa since hot water promotes the growth of bacteria.

Do not stay more than 30 minutes in a spa. Water usually heated to 33 ° C may tend to cause drowsiness and even hyperthermia.

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